Kirby Medical Center Surgery

The Kirby Medical Center Surgery department provides specialists with an exceptional space to perform complex surgeries. Each surgery staging room is private and meets today's contemporary standards for uncompromising patient care and the ideal environment for our growing complement of surgery specialists. From general, orthopedic and cataract surgery to gastroenterology and gynecological procedures, Kirby Medical Center provides you with the option to have a wider variety of surgeries, closer to home. The majority of surgeries performed are same day surgery or limited stay procedures. This enables a person having outpatient surgery to be admitted in the morning, undergo the procedure, and return home the same day.

A variety of services are offered at Kirby Medical Center’s surgical department, including general surgeries and gynecological services. Please contact your physician to utilize the local facility. Our outpatient surgery program includes a private special procedures suite for a variety of common procedures such as colonoscopies and endoscopies.

To learn more about surgery at Kirby Medical Center, call (217) 762-1680.